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Hindu Tamil Bridal Packages

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Signature Bridal Package

The Angells Beauty Signature Bridal Package consists of Bridal Makeup & Hairstyling done by Angell Liu. Mink Lashes and Hair Paddings are also included. This package covers the1st Saree Pinning, Ironing, Pleating and Draping on Bride.

Items to be arranged by the bride:

  • Flowers for Hair

  • Kunjam

  • Fake Braid

  • Veil

  • Jewelry

  • Bouquet

The standard start time is 4am and ready by 7am. Earlier start times are 

available with an additional charge.

Koraii Saree Change + Makeup Touch-Up

This package includes the Saree Ironing, Pleating & Draping, Makeup Touch-Up, flower change and jewelry change by Angell Liu.

Time of staying at the location for saree change is one hour. 

Trial Makeup and Hair 

  • Hair and Makeup Trials are available 

  • One on One full consultation 

  • Recommendation and Discussion of the looks

Marble Surface

Book Now

For prices and inquiries, please email with your date, ready time, location of getting ready and Korai location and timings:

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